(Carly's Apartment)

Spencer: This is a very special episode of The Seddie Story.

Freddie: There will be jealous people.

Spencer: (To Freddie) THAT WAS MY LINE!

Freddie: No! You have the NEXT LINE!!!!!!!

Spencer: (Looks at you) Enjoy!

(Continuing Prom)

Sam: I love you, Freddie)

Freddie: I love you too. Your like the nicest person.

Carly: HEY!

Sam: (To Freddie) Nice? I gave Gibby at least ten texas wedgies.

Freddie: I've heard.

Sam: How?

Freddie: Everyday, Gibby is running as fast as possibe. He ran the whole school in one day!

Sam: Shut up and kiss me, you nerd! (Grabs Freddie and kisses him)

Freddie: (Falling in love)

Author's Note: This part really touches my heart! <3 <3 <3 <3

Sam: You know your the only boy who has been this nice to me.

Freddie: (Happy) Well.

Sam: I've been wanting to ask you something.

Freddie: What?

Sam: I was hoping we could be more than just friends.

Freddie: (Confused) Really? (Acts manly) I mean really.

Sam: Yeah.

Seddie: (Leaning in to kiss)

Carly: (Interuppts) STOP!!!!!!!

Everybody: (Confused)

Carly: The prom is over since its midnight!

Freddie: It's midnight?

Sam: I guess so. Hey! Can I sleep at your house for the night?

Freddie: Why?

Sam: My mom is disgusting, and Carly got a cat.

Freddie: Fine. (Puts arm around Sam)

Carly: I really need a boyfriend.

Gibby: I'm single. (Flirts)

Carly: I guess love hurts.

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