(In The iCarly Studio)

Freddie: In 5, 4, 3, 2! (Points at Carly & Sam)

Carly: I'm Carly.....

Sam:... And, I'm Sam!

Carly & Sam: This is iCarly!!!!!

Carly: Today we are taking requests.

Sam: Our first request comes from Britney from Chicago.

Carly: (Reads card) Dear Carly, and Sam, Can you roll Gibby into the shape of a sphere?

Sam: Very interesting request.

Carly: Weard, but interesting.

(1 Hour Later)

Gibby: This really hurts!

Sam: Shut up Gibby. Spheres don't talk!

Carly: (Really tired) Se us next week on iCarly!

(The Next Day At School)

Carly & Sam: (Goes to their lockers)

Sam: (Hides her locker)

Carly: Sam, are you hiding something?

Sam: (Lying) No! I'm not hiding anything.

Carly: Step away from the locker.

Sam: (Takes a step back)

Carly: (Sees pictures of freddie) You like Freddie!

Sam: Fine! Yes, I do.

(At Freddie's locker)

Freddie: (Holding a picture of him with Sam)

Carly: (Walks by) You like Sam!

Freddie: I do not!

(After class)

Carly: Welcome to my match making service!

Sam: Who?!?!?!

Carly: Your match is Freddie!

Sam: He would never go out with me!

Carly: Oh yeah! (Plays Freddie Tape)

Freddie Tape: Ok! I admit it! I love Sam!

Sam: (Mouth drops)

Carly: Unbelievable, right?

Sam: (Leaves)

Freddie: Who is my match?

Carly: Sam.

Freddie: Sam would never go out with me!

Carly: She has a crush on you!

Freddie: (Flattered) Okay...

(At Sam's Front Yard)

Freddie: (Knocks on door)

Sam: (Opens door) Hi, Freddie.

Freddie: Will you go to the dance with me?

Sam: Sure!

(The Dance)

Seddie: (Slow dancing)

Carly: Hey guys!

Seddie: (Look at Carly)

Carly: They got a cheese fountain!

Seddie: (Silence)

Carly: Well bye!

Sam: (Kisses Freddie)

Freddie: (Still suprised that Sam likes him)

Sam: I love you, Freddie.

Freddie: I love you too.

(To Be Continued)

Many questions will be answered:

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