Character First Appearence
Sam Puckett Episode 1
Sam Benson (Sam Puckett) Episode 4
Freddie Benson Episode 1
Carly Shay Episode 1
Gibby Gibson Episode 1
Spencer Shay Episode 4
Nevel Papperman (From iNevel) Episode 5
Nora Durshlitt (From iPsycho) Episode 6
Marrisa Benson Episode 6
Melanie Puckett (From iTwins) Episode 4
Missy Robinson (From iReunite With Missy) Episode 7
Mandy Valdez (From iAm Your Biggest Fan) Episode 7
Guppy Gibson (From iPsycho) Episode 6
Pam Puckett (From iSam's Mom) Episode 5
Beck Oliver (From Victorious)

Episode 9

Casey Simon (From How To Rock)
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